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Palace Jaunmokas is a masterpiece of architecture in Latvia, designed with a combination of Neo-Gothic and the forms of Art Nouveau. The palace was built in 1901 according to the project of the architect Wilhelm Bokslaf (1858-1945) as a hunting palace for the mayor of Riga – George Armitstead (1847 - 1912).

George Armitstead owned the palace Jaunmokas until 1904. After the death of his father, George took over the manor of Rindzele and sold palace Jaunmokas to the family Brinkens who owned the palace from 1904 – 1910. After that, the owners of the palace changed very often.

From 1910 – 1918 the palace belonged to the fon Ungern – Sternberg family;

1918 – 1920 – Wilhelm Freymann;

1920 – 2nd World War – the owner was the state of Latvia. The palace was used as a sanatorium for children.

The 2nd World War - Russian and German armies used the palace as a sergeant’s school, broadcasting station and a war hospital.

After the Second World War the palace was used as a Machine Tractor base, Melioration (soil improvement and drainage) and Agricultural Technique office. Approximately 20 families lived in the palace; there was also a shop, a cinema and ballrooms in the palace.

Unfortunately not one of the owners cared about the palace and no repair work was done, therefore in 1974 the building was partly destroyed and the Ministry of Forestry took over palace Jaunmokas. Renovation works started and lasted for more than 20 years.

Today the owner of the palace is the joint stock company “Latvijas valsts meži” and the work to make palace Jaunmokas a place worth visiting still continues.

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