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The value of the Jaunmokas Palace is contained not only in its elegant architecture and romantic garden, but also in the high-value museum expositions and changing indoors exhibitions. Do not hesitate to open the front door and dive into the pleasure of learning!


The museum is open daily from 9:00 until 17:00

Reservations of tours and other services: tel. +371 63107125; +371 26187442; info@jaunmokupils.lv


Pupils – 1.00 EUR
Students, senior citizens – 2.00 EUR
Adults – 3.50 EUR
Family (2+2) – 8.00 EUR
20 % discount to admission for a visit, if rooms are off limits due to an ongoing event

Free entry and visit to the grounds:

  • preschool children;
  • 1st group of disabled and their companions (subject to producing a card);
  • group leaders (2 persons), if there are 25 and more people in a group
  • employees of Latvian museums (subject to producing a card);
  • -COM members (subject to producing a card);

Guide’s services (must be booked in advance, for groups of up to 30 persons):

  • in Latvian – 10/ 15 EUR
  • in a foreign language (Russian, English) – 20/ 30 EUR
  • beyond working hours – double the fee

Educational museum programs and extra services:

Programm Price Notes
MAMMADABA (MotherNature) for pupils of various age 1.50 Eur + guide
Visiting the Sign Centre 3.00 Eur
Tasting herbal infusions (for groups up to 15 persons) 4.50 Eur + guide
Tasting herbal infusions (for children groups up to 15 persons) 2.00 Eur + guide
Interactive game “Orienteering in the park of Jaunmokas palace” 0.50 Eur
Making paper from polypores (for adults, groups up to 10 persons) 5 Eur
Evening excursion 8 Eur
Forging a commemorative coin of Jaunmokas Palace
Aluminium 1.50 Eur
Silver 15 Eur
Photosession in palace (up to 10 persons) 50 Eur
Fishing 3 Eur Hour
Snow shoes 3 Eur Hour
Bikecycle rent:
Hour 3 Eur
Day 9 Eur
24 Hours 15 Eur
Guide’s service 25 Eur

Reservations of tours and other services: tel. +371 63107125; +371 26187442