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About Us

SIA “Jaunmoku pils” is a recreational centre offering a versatile range of services outside the rush of the city — in a quiet, hilly scenery of Kurzeme. By preserving the values of cultural history of the area and introducing ever new products of cultural tourism, the Jaunmokas Palace has become one of the best known places for relaxation in Latvia. We offer our guests to visit the Forest Museum, they can enjoy hotel and restaurant services, as well as lavish premises for festive events and conferences.

The Jaunmokas Palace — a place, where time, nature, and music blend together.

The palace is managed by SIA “Jaunmoku pils”

SIA “Jaunmoku pils” is managing the object of cultural history — the Jaunmokas Manor estate. The estate consists of a 9.8 ha large park and 6 buildings from the original structures have been preserved: the palace or the masters’ quarters, the dairy shed or “the milk building”, a stable, a granary, a carpenter’s workshop and a blacksmith’s workshop. The buildings of the Jaunmokas Palace Manor along with the park have been included on the list of architectural monuments of national importance with the state protection No. 8548, but the painted tile stove as an art monument of national importance with the state protection No. 4449.

The Jaunmokas Palace is the home of a museum. The decision to create the Forest Museum was made during the palace restoration in 1974. In 2004, the museum received the first Museum State Accreditation, but in 2011, it was awarded again. The stocks of the museum include a historically developed set of scientifically relevant items, which portray the traditions of forest management in Latvia, as well as depict the events of the Jaunmokas Manor estate and linked environmental and cultural history processes and destinies of people.

Besides the main activities — management of the cultural history centre and ensuring the museum operations — SIA Jaunmoku pils offers hospitality services, along with premises for organising conferences, seminars, corporate and family events, by particularly specialising in a comprehensive offer for weddings; it also offers hotel and catering services. To ensure these services, a Guest Reception Unit was formed.

SIA “Jaunmoku pils” is working to meet the interests of Latvia and society, in line with our national traditions and in close harmony with the cultural history heritage. The company, by respecting the diverse interests of society, is planning such management of the centre that today and in the future would ensure that the Jaunmokas Palace builds maximum cultural history value and free public access to these values.
The employees of the Jaunmokas Palace have admitted the following values as the most essential in their daily work: 

  • Honesty. Ensures utmost accountability and diligence of an employee in the use of entrusted resources and work powers on a daily basis.
  • Competence. A set of all the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are necessary on a daily basis for a good and excellent performance of job duties.
  • Quality / hospitality. Crucial at all levels and in all aspects of operations of the company, starting from cleaning and administrative staff to company’s management. To ensure that the guests feel satisfied, we have to think of every little detail, we have to be able to look at the service quality with the guests’ eyes, we should turn every stay into a special event including special sensations.
  • Achievements / work results. Motivation to achieve the planned results within the planned quality and quantity standards, as well as within the set time frame.
  • Co-operation, support, high spirits. Contributing to a positive attitude between employees, the ability to offer reciprocal support, positive thinking, high spirits, ability to co-operate, adapt and fit in well in the team, by enriching it with opinions and true initiative.