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Mission, Vision, Aims

The Jaunmokas Palace estate is well-recognised and an in-demand object of cultural history — a hunting palace with a special history and architecture that allows enjoying cultural values and well-arranged environment, by offering versatile services according to the uniqueness of the place, visitors’ interests and needs.

To ensure the preservation and restoration of the cultural history heritage of the Jaunmokas Palace, by promoting its value and uniqueness, stressing the peculiarity of the hunting castle and ensuring public availability.

Strategic Economic Objectives

  • To ensure a positive profit margin for guest reception services
  • To increase the quality of offered services
  • To increase the number of visitors to the estate and the revenues

Strategic Social Objectives

  • To preserve and develop the cultural history heritage of the Jaunmokas Palace estate, by ensuring public access to it
  • To develop a museum stock relevant for the Jaunmokas Palace museum, by promoting the accumulation of historical evidence of forest management heritage, hunting traditions, and Jaunmokas Manor
  • By using the museum resources, to offer the public to expand their knowledge and skills, to create modern services for children, school-students and adult target audiences

Strategic Environmental Objectives

  • To reduce the effect of economic activities on environment