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No palace can be imagined without its very own special legend or a ghost. For the Jaunmokas Palace, it was the White Lady Dorite. The legend of Dorite came out into the light only 20 years ago, when after the restoration of independence of Latvia, the offspring of the former owners von Ungern-Sternberg family visited the palace. After this visit, we received a letter from them, describing a tragic event at the palace in the early last century. It told about a young girl Dorothy, whose nickname was Dorite.

During WWI, the palace hosted the German forces. Dorite then worked as a child minder at Jaunmokas. She had fallen in love with a German officer, but he soon carried on to the front… The officer left, but the girl stayed alone and pregnant. Not being able to cope with the separation and not willing to live in shame, Dorite sought consolation in the palace mill-pond…

After this tragic event, from time to time, the palace people saw a figure of a girl, dressed all in white, in the attic — the spirit of Dorite had not found peace.

Once, two German scientists visited the Jaunmokas Palace as tourists; they were researching various energies. By using electronic measuring devices, the walked about the palace and found that the strongest energy comes from the attic. They allegedly even spoke to Dorite or the White Lady and found out that she is a good-natured ghost. The palace staff have occasionally come across the White Lady — footsteps could be heard in an empty palace, and doors could be heard opening and closing.

Not every visitor will have the opportunity to meet the White Lady, but who knows… Perhaps, if you go to the Jaunmokas Palace and stay there overnight, you might just meet her.