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Information on taking photos or recording videos

Information on taking photos and/or recording videos during the events organised at Jaunmoku Palace Complex, storage and publication of photographs, video records

In compliance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation, we hereby inform that the participants of the events organised at Jaunmoku Palace Complex (hereinafter – JAUNMOKU PALACE) can be photographed or recorded on video records during the aforementioned events. This information can be used for the development and promotion of the publicity of JAUNMOKU PALACE, by publishing video records and photographs on social media profiles and the Internet website of JAUNMOKU PALACE, in any mass media, as well as for the purposes of collecting, documenting and preserving of historical values.
By participating in the public events organised at JAUNMOKU PALACE, you agree to the recording of photos and/or videos and their further use.
We hereby inform that you are entitled to protest against photo or video recording by notifying the photographer/ video operator about it during an event.
After the publication of photographs or video records, you may contact us, if you wish the particular photo or video record erased, by writing to the e-mail birojs@jaunmokupils.lv.
You are entitled to complain to the Data State Inspectorate, if you believe that LAUNMOKU PALACE illegally processes your personal data.
We hereby inform that the supervisor of the respective personal data processing is SIA Jaunmoku Pils, Registration No. 40003665610, contact information: “Jaunmoku Pils”, Tumes pagasts, Tukuma novads LV-3139, Telephone No.: +371 63107125, mobile telephone No. +371 26187442, e-mail: birojs@jaunmokupils.lv.
The objective and legal justification of personal data processing – to ensure cultural processes of JAUNMOKU PALACE, preservation, research and promotion of cultural values and cultural and historical heritage, accumulation, documentation and preservation of material and non-material cultural values, as well as to reflect the legitimate interests of JAUNMOKU PALACE at the events organised by them and in mass media and social networks, thus ensuring the required publicity.
JAUNMOKU PALACE plans to store the obtained information for 5 (five) years after the publication thereof, or until the moment of ensuring the legal interests thereof, i.e. historical information will be stored for unlimited period, unless other pre-requisites for the deletion thereof exist. The data will not be transferred to third parties, except for the cases, where the laws of the Republic of Latvia provide for information disclosure or law enforcement institutions request such information.

JAUNMOKU PALACE ensures, regularly reviews and upgrades personal data protection measures to protect personal data of natural persons against unsanctioned access, accidental loss, disclosure or destruction. To ensure the above measures, JAUNMOKU PALACE uses respective technical and organisational requirements.