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Fairy Tale Wedding Ceremony

After “I will” has been given to that long-awaited or only secretly expected, deeply intimate, and surprisingly romantic or spontaneous proposal, now this magical combination must be reinforced by saying “I do” in the presence of the people or before Higher Beings, which you will have chosen to be your witnesses at the moment of your family’s birth.

The energy of the wedding day is similar to pouring tin figurines of happiness on the New Year’s Eve (a Latvian folklore tradition — translator’s note), when the tin figurines melt together to fuse a single and unique happiness. The venue of the wedding ceremony is like a dish, in which you melt your lives together. This is why the venue is not of great, but of significant importance.

The romantic Jaunmokas Palace is a set of heart-warming and reliable dishes that do not compete in extravagance with those seeking happiness. Fine, tasteful salons, a courtyard and palace premises decorated for your Big Day — everything is created so that you would be able to forge your happiness starting from this one of the most beautiful days of your life.


  • A venue set up for the wedding ceremony in the park or in one of the palace halls for up to 2 hours — 350.00 EUR. The price includes the registration table with decorations, 50 chairs for guests, table covers and skirting.
  • Wedding ceremony venue in the gazebo for up to 2 hours — 590.00 EUR The price includes the rent of drapes, the registration table with decorations, 50 covered chairs, table covers and skirting.
  • Holding the ceremony – 250.00 EUR
  • Wedding ceremony in the column hall — by request
  • At the restaurant “Liepaleja” — by request

Choose the pages for your wedding fairy tale, and leave the concerns of conjuring up the magic to us!