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The First Mutual Trip in the Palace

If, during the preparations for the Big Day, you cannot decide between romance and tasteful luxury, the Jaunmokas Palace will be the right choice — here, both of these aspects are just as inseparable as you two are. 

The wedding event will start with the ringing of a bell, which for more than a hundred years now has been announcing all the important events at the palace. Its clear sound will vibrate through the space of eternity of your love.

The palace has its very own happiness coin. If you manage to get it, the young couple are recognised compatible and the married life will be full of happiness and harmony… this according to the old scriptures of the palace. The Jaunmokas Palace museum awaits the newlyweds with some other very special, mystical challenges.

On the backdrop of the special magic of this day, The Sign Centre, the only one on the face of the Earth, will unveil the story of the young couple’s aura.

In one of the halls or salons of the palace, the most beautiful wedding tables can be set, where the guests can call out “Bitter” (a traditional toast, called out by guests, suggesting that their drinks are bitter, and it means that the newlyweds must start kissing to make the drinks sweeter — translator’s note) or the young couple can dance their first waltz. Can you imagine a venue that is more suitable for celebrating this day than the vast, ascetically sophisticated Column Hall of the Jaunmokas Palace? Even its fine cast-iron supports inconspicuously stand for strong foundations of the new life together.

The first wedding night… How many times have you dreamt of it? After the fairy tale wedding, to wake up in a romantic idyll in one of the hotel rooms — a genuine enjoyment not only for the newlyweds.

We also offer:

  • a wedding ceremony in the palace or palace park
  • setting tables in palace halls and salons for up to 60 people
  • decorating premises
  • a wedding night accommodation in a special newlywed room
  • courtyard decoration with torches
  • a light fountain in the palace pond